Media and Journalism:

Digitization and the Media: The Challenge for Democracy

The lecture covers the challenges for the media industry (technology, business models, trust, audiences) and reflects on solutions. It talks about trends affecting human behavior in the digital world, how that changes the expectations of customers (readers) and how the media reacts to them.

Make the News Great again: Five Trends Mapping out the Future of Journalism

The talk covers the challenges of technological and societal change for journalism and how to deal with them while preserving and enhancing traditional journalistic values. 

Digitization and Society:

Being Human in the Digital Age: How to Live with Robots – and how not to

The talk discusses how digitization and constant connection to the web affects human behavior and what that means in the age of artificial intelligence and robots. It is essentially about freedom in the digital world. 

Democracy in the Digital Age: Ten reasons why Democracy and the Internet conflict and what to Do about it

The lecture covers the challenges of the digital world to democracy as it destabilizes institutions, fails to secure fair representation and builds up a new power structure.  

Digitization and the Future of Work:

Leadership in the Digital Age: How Digitization Affects the Workplace

The Talk elaborates on five trends of digitization affecting human behavior and what that means for leadership in the work environment.

 The New Divide: Why the Universal Basic Income doesn’t Solve the Problem it’s meant to address

The talk is rather critical with the concept of a universal basic income that is praised as a solution to many of the negative effects of digitization by the political left and right. It discusses the meaning of work for human development and the responsibility of the private sector.


The Economy of Female Leadership: Why Equality means Growth

The talk is about the importance of promoting equality not only for individual benefits but also for global growth and innovation.

Driving Innovation: It’s Diversity, Stupid!

The talk is about innovation: What is innovation and what are the best ways to innovate. It explains why diversity is an important precondition for innovation that benefits society – the very point of innovation.

Women, Beware! Why digitization is no win-win for women und what to make of it

The Talk is about the impact of digitization on women in developing countries and the Western world. It addresses issues as the economic benefits, changes in the workplace and harassment as a serious detriment for women’s free speech.