As media consultant and change management coach, Alexandra’s areas of expertise are:

  • Digital transformation of newsrooms and change management. 
  • Talent and diversity management. 
  • Communicating with journalists and media organisations.
  • Career coaching and mentoring.
  • Climate journalism that works





Her portfolio of keynotes and lectures includes the following topics:

  • Digital transformation and the media: trends, insights and perspectives
  • Dare more truth: why democracy needs strong journalism – and how to improve both
  • Journalism and its audience: How to serve the public with the news they deserve
  • The talent challenge: Building newsrooms that are diverse and sustainable
  • More than the right thing: Diversity is at the core of digital transformation
  • The “Fake News” challenge: It is different from what you think
  • Battling news avoidance
  • Going green: Climate journalism that works
  • Managing innovation and change: digital transformation in newsrooms that works 
  • The business of news: how to make people pay for journalism
  • Freedom in a digital world: how the internet affects democracy 
  • Freedom of expression and digital technologies: between ethics, design and regulation
  • Being human in the digital age: how to live with robots – and how not to