Quality Journalism and Democracy in the Digital World

Being an expert on the digital world, quality journalism and democracy I’m ready to help you: as a seasoned speaker, moderator, author, teacher and consultant. With more than 20 years of experience in journalism in major German news organisations, many of these in leadership positions, I am now responsible for strategy in the senior management team of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford. You are welcome to look at my portfolio – or share your thoughts on my posts.


My Opinion

Rettet die Freiheit in die digitale Welt!

Offenbar war ein echter Datenskandal nötig, um die Debatte über die Freiheit in der digitalen Welt voll zu entfachen. Denn tatsächlich ahnten Bürger schon vor den Enthüllungen rund um Cambridge Analytica, dass ihre Daten bei Facebook – und nicht nur dort – ziemlich transparent und abrufbar gelagert werden. Nun musste Facebook-Chef Mark Zuckerberg zum Büßen …

Democracy Doesn’t Come For Free

In a fast-paced world  attacked by rampant capitalism from one side and authoritarianism from the other, the institutions of democracy must be nourished. Public service media is one way to do it. Imagine if there was a war and there were no pictures of it. This is the thought that comes to mind when visiting the …

Melania’s Jacket or What’s Wrong With Media Dynamics

Don’t worry, this won’t be another think-piece interpreting Melania Trump’s choice of wardrobe, this will be about media. A very unhealthy part of current media dynamics, that is. For those of you who don’t live on this news planet and missed it, I am referring to Melania Trump’s visit to one of the infamous migrant children’s …