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Being an expert on the digital world, quality journalism and democracy I’m ready to help you: as a seasoned speaker, moderator, author, teacher and consultant. With more than 20 years of experience in journalism in major German news organisations, many of these in leadership positions, I am now responsible for strategy in the senior management team of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford. You are welcome to look at my portfolio – or share your thoughts on my posts.


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Making Journalism Great Again

OXFORD – In the debate over the future of journalism, “fake news” has taken center stage, with storylines featuring a ranting American president, Russian communication “bots,” and betrayal and subterfuge competing for public attention. But in an era of diminishing profits and shrinking audiences, is fake news really the biggest threat that traditional media face? …

A Brief Guide to Newsroom Innovation

With business models under pressure and competition for audience and advertising dollars increasing, media organisations inevitably search for innovative new ways to attract audiences, tell stories or earn revenue. Yet newsrooms often rush into innovation projects, expecting journalists to participate, or even to lead them, without explaining why, what the project is for, or how …

Mit Technologie zu neuer publizistischer Qualität

Der Journalismus wurde schon totgesagt, dabei ist das Internet für ihn auch eine große Chance. Fünf Anmerkungen zu Technologie und Journalismus. Mit Mondlandungen hat es Martin Baron, Chefredakteur der Washington Post, nicht so, mit Rollkoffern umso mehr. Der Menschheit sei es eher gelungen, jemanden zum Mond zu schicken, als Gepäck mit Rollen zu versehen, sagte er …